Space dog
Decentralized highly deflationary currency

Build a super block node to complete wealth, opportunities and dreams!

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Space dog

Space dog is a decentralized and highly deflationary currency based on bsccan, and the liquidity ore pool is locked.

Everyone is a node

The entry or exit of each new member will provide a steady stream of power for the trigger of the destruction of the dividend mechanism.

By creating space dog, a real-time, efficient, unique and simple reward mechanism, we can help the bottom groups who do not have the ability or resources to obtain more wealth opportunities in the real society to realize their hopes and dreams.

Project on another chain? We got you covered

SpaceDog initially supports all major blockchains. If your favorite blockchain is not on the selector, we may already have plans to add it there in the near future.

Space dog

Each member is a partner of the project. We need to build space dog together, which can create unlimited possibilities for us


Direct destruction

50% of the tokens totaled 150 billion, which were directly destroyed in the black hole after opening


Join the pool

45% of tokens added liquidity to pancakeswap, totaling 135 billion


Genesis airdrop

5% of the token is delivered by Chuangshi airdrop, which is not held by the team and belongs to every member of the community


Transaction combustion

Each transaction will burn 6%


Repurchase marketing

3% of the combustion is collected for marketing to promote to founders and investors.


Static dividend

3% of the combustion is used for static dividends to all holders


List of tasks and steps we plan to take during our successful journey.

Phase I

  • White paper and official website launched in November

  • Online flow pool in December

  • 10000 currency address at the end of December

  • At the end of December, there were 12000-5000 people online in the community

  • Year end global marketing activities

Phase II

  • DAPP was officially launched in January

  • 10000 consensus personnel in February

  • There are 20000 currency holding addresses in February

  • Audit completed in March

  • Other exchanges launched successively from March to June

Phase III

  • Your own decentralized exchange went online

  • Spacedog starts LP mining, non-destructive mining loan, NFT, etc


Members of the project team are committed to creating the market value of space dog, realizing the long-term, stable and upward development of space dog value on the basis of open and transparent communities and autonomous regions, and providing a better ecological experience with the support of a strong technical team!

Jason Mil


Space dog creates a great change at the forefront of the blockchain era.
Master of Massachusetts Institute of technology, visiting professor at the University of California, Berkeley.
IPFs strategic adviser, former chairman of bitcoin Foundation
Global famous bit city entrepreneur and global leader in cryptocurrency
He has initiated many world-class projects such as EOS and

Tan Chee Guan

Front end development

Born in the United States, graduated from Oxford University, majoring in computer, full stack engineer, senior algorithm engineer, and has a deep research on consensus algorithm. He once served as a Technical Executive of Google and reached in-depth cooperative relations with IBM, Compaq, Cisco, Oracle and other companies. Now I am responsible for the front-end development of Space dog products.

Mark Pierd

Back end architecture development

Graduated from Stanford University in computer science and served as a senior software engineer on Facebook in 2013. He joined the blockchain industry in 2016 and is the main developer of many blockchain projects. Now he is responsible for the development of Space dog back-end architecture

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